Sacrificio is an interactive web project, a comprehensive work (Gesamtkunstwerk) that incorporates different arts such as music, sculpture, digital arts, architecture and photography.

This video game emulates a part of the Chiribiquete, a site that some describe as the "Sistine Chapel" of the archeology of America. It is currently a protected park and considered one of the largest biodiversity centers in Colombia, and being a mixed heritage of UNESCO, it has the largest number of pictograms painted by indigenous communities in the region.

This project seeks to protect this majestic place by creating awareness about the biodiverse wealth that is decreasing due to our forms of production and consumption as humans in the world.

Using technology for the creation of this parallel universe that arises from digital scans and immersive music, we want to invite visitors to navigate in the new memories of this sacred place through a multidisciplinary art experience.

The flourishing of Sacrificio stems from the idea of multispecies respons-ability, from a tentacular thought that detracts from humanity's centrality and asks how we live in times of extinction, extermination and partial recovery (Van Dooren). It is also born of the recognition that we have never been the absolute center of the world and that a mourning for the environment should open us to an awareness of our (inter) dependence and of our relationships with those innumerable non-human alterities to the limit of extinction.